For posterity sake let it be known that 80% (not to be totally exact but close enough) of Gator's 1st year of life his hair was styled in his famous faux hawk. In our family we referred to this hair style as the G-Hawk (courtesy of Jon's naming skills of course). One of my favorite things to pair this fab hair style was his guitar Robeez shoes which unfortunately he has grown out of (maybe I will have to get him a new pair:).

A First for Brianna

Guess who lost their first tooth today!!!!

Liberty of London

My FAVORITE!!! line yet to come to target. I absolutely love their bold patterns and bright colors. I haven't bought any of the home line(yet) but I am loving the little girl dresses (I wish I could find a picture to show but I think I will just have to post a couple of pics of the dresses on my girls). The beautiful thing is how affordable the line is (which makes it easier to buy all of your favorites :).

The girls

I know the last 4 posts were about the Gator (He's the baby what can I say) But what about the girls. I am glad you asked. Here's a few quick pics of my lovely ladies starting with a favorite from last summer in paradise aka Aunt Tracy's pool and the lovely Bingo who could not get enough of floating in the raft around the pool.

Making breakfast. Jon and I woke up one Sunday morning at about 6 to this ummm... lovely sight. This is a sister moment that I love

P.J day at school sporting the Spongebob look. Beautiful smile :)

The Burr dancing to Lizzy's MP3 player in her pettiskirt. Very serious dancer
RANDOM thought: Asked me why daddy didn't name her Burr instead of Brianna. Okay??

I love my girls!!!

We may have a problem here. Possibly an addiction :) All I know is whenever I have one of these babies in my hands someone goes ballistic for a sip.

Two of a Kind

One of the top 10 reasons Jon wanted a son. Don't worry his daughters show support too.

little helper

I have a little canister vacuum that I use to vacuum all of my hard floor. This thing is one of my best friends. We call him Blue Thunder (guess who made up that name and every other nickname in our family). Blue Thunder and I meet up everyday sometimes more then once. Lately the best part about my time with Old Blue is not my crumb free floors (which is still very nice) but my eager little helper. As soon as the roar of that vacuum starts Aiden comes running (okay crawling but really fast) from where ever he is. He grabs on to the back of that canister and pushs Blue all around the kitchen. As we turn corners Aiden laughs all the way. At the end when I am putting him away or leaving him out (whats the point I will probably have to vacuum again in a couple of hours) Aiden gives Blue a couple kisses. Now I actually wait until the little guy is awake before I vacuum. It has actually made a fairly enjoyable chore into a highlight of my day and I am sure his too.

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